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Naturalization (N-400)

Immigration offices overseas do not accept or adjudicate naturalization applications for non-military members living overseas.  See the USCIS website on naturalization for eligibility criteria and proper filing procedures.

Military Naturalization (Military N-400)

USCIS offices overseas are only authorized to process applications for naturalization for active duty military members.  Please see below for information about filing your application, for required forms, and for the Overseas Military Naturalization Request Form.  Contact your military legal office if you need more information about filing for Naturalization.  Military members may also contact our district headquarters in Mexico by e-mail at

Information about Naturalization for Military Members

Naturalization Forms for Military Members

Request for Overseas Naturalization

Expedited Naturalization 319(b)

An applicant for expedited naturalization under Section 319(b) must be the spouse of a U.S. citizen who is regularly stationed abroad in the employment of:

  • The government of the U.S. (includes military)
  • An American institution of research recognized as such by the Attorney General.
  • An American firm or corporation engaged in whole or in part in the development of foreign trade or commerce, or a subsidiary thereof.
  • A public international organization in which the U.S. participates.
  • Minister of priest of a religious denomination having a bona fide organization in the U.S.
  • Missionary.

Applicants eligible for expeditious naturalization must file their applications in the U.S. from their overseas location.

For more information, please refer to the USCIS Handbook "A Guide to Naturalization" (PDF - 1.17MB)

Please use the attached N-400 Expedite Request and Authorization Worksheet (PDF - 603KB) and also the Department of Defense Certificate of Overseas Assignment to Support Application to file Petition for Naturalization.

Other Eligibility Criteria

For others interested in naturalizing see the USCIS website on Naturalization for eligibility criteria and proper filing procedures.


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