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General Information on Group Appointments

Groups of individuals traveling together for the same purpose may qualify for a group appointment. Groups may include, but are not limited to, groups of workers traveling for the same company on an H visa, musical groups traveling together for an event or festival, a group of professional trainees from the same company traveling to the same training event, students attending official events, and sports teams attending a sporting event.

Before requesting a group appointment, each group member must have completed their DS-160 form for a Non-Immigrant Visa and paid the application fee.

The Non-Immigrant Visa Unit in Tegucigalpa will only consider group scheduling requests under the following conditions:

  • The number of applicants traveling together as a group must be 7 or more.
  • The request for a group appointment must be made at least 1 week in advance to travel date.
  • The designated group coordinator must send an e-mail to with a list of group members that includes each member's full name (both first and last names), passport number, passport issuance date, passport expiration date, date of birth, 10-digit barcode number from each group member's confirmation page (DS-160 form), and the application fee receipt number for each group member.
  • While filling out the group appointment information, the group coordinator must in detail explain the travel purpose under "travel purpose."

Please note that an applicant can only have one appointment request at a time. Therefore, if a group member has already scheduled an individual appointment, he or she is no longer eligible for a group appointment.

Additionally, once a group request has been submitted, members of the group should not submit requests for emergency appointments. Submitting a request for an emergency appointment while a group request is pending will invalidate both requests.

Please note that the U.S. Embassy reserves its right to grant or refuse any group scheduling request.

More instructions on how to apply for a group appointment.