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Marriage Information


If you are getting married in Honduras, you must meet the requirements prescribed by Honduran law. The following is an unofficial translation of several documents issued by Tegucigalpa City Hall on marriage requirements in Honduras.

Requirements for All Individuals

Requirements for People Under Age 21

Requirements for Non-Hondurans


Requirements for All Individuals

 1.    Photocopy of identification card of both parties.

 2.    Photocopy and original identification card of two witnesses over 21 years old; they must be literate. You are not allowed to change witnesses at the last minute

 3.    Birth certificates of both parties; they must be originals, bearing the most recent civil status (single or married) of the individual. The name must match their provided ID

 4. A) Medical certificate and H.I.V. test, if no children in common

     B) Pregnancy test, if pregnant

     C) Original birth certificate of children, if parents have  children together 

 5.    A 350.00 Lempira fee for marriage services must be paid at the Municipality’s Treasury Department (located across the street from Clínicas Viera or at any Banco Continental).

 6.   Dispensa de Edictos. This certificate must be obtained at the Ministry of Government and Justice, located in Col. Alameda across the street from I.N.A  (copy of identification cards and birth certificates of both parties is required).

 7.    Obtain a marriage application from D.E.I., (Dirección Ejecutiva de Ingresos), fill it out and pay L. 10.00 at Banco de Occidente.

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Requirements for People Under 21 Years of Age

Parents must personally authorize the marriage of their minor children at the time of the ceremony; they must bring with them a photocopy of their identification cards (their names must match those on the minor's birth certificate).

Parents must also submit a written authorization for the marriage and bring a photocopy of their official identification. If one of the parents is deceased, the surviving parent must bring the death certificate and their own authorization.

When both parents are deceased, the maternal or paternal grandparents must give their authorization, preferably those living with the minors. If the location of the grandparents is unknown, the Court with the appropriate jurisdiction will provide the authorization.  A written court order must be provided.

The law does not allow the authorization of a civil marriage for males under 18 years of age, or women under 16 years of age. 

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Requirements for Non-Honduras (Foreigners)

Must provide a Single Statement issued by a Consulate of the country of origin accredited in Honduras, the statement must state the single civil status and that there are no obstacles for the marriage to take place. The single statement must then be authenticated by the Ministry of Government and Justice, and by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

If your country of origin does not have a Consulate in Honduras you must submit a notarized statement, stating the above.

If you reside in Honduras, you must submit photocopy of your residence card or the residence letter.

  • Photocopy of your passport or travel letter.
  • Photocopy of the yellow slip issued by Immigration and annexed to your  passport the day you entered Honduras

If your witnesses are also foreigners, the witnesses must also provide photocopies of their passports.

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